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Programmatic Advertising for E-Commerce

Programmatic marketing is the use of data and technology to assist with the automation and efficiency of media buying. Data-driven, decision-making algorithms are often leveraged to optimize media performance in real-time. By combining first- and third-party data, powerful audiences can be created and identified for media targeting. This helps ensure that advertisers are identifying and targeting only the most valuable users and bidding for the right impressions.

Programmatic helps advertisers to reach the right audience in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

Flying Point Digital’s programmatic offering provides our clients with a “one-stop-shop” for all their digital display marketing needs. We employ cutting-edge strategies to ensure our clients’ goals are met. We have access to a vast supply of brand-safe and high-quality inventory, industry-leading technologies, and expansive data sets to secure inventory through Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) and through programmatic direct deals. Whether it’s desktop, mobile, TV, video, or all of the above, our partnerships allow us to craft and execute programmatic strategies across all forms of digital media. Coupled with our history of performance-based marketing, specializing in driving brand awareness and customer acquisitions in the retail and e-commerce space, we deliver maximum ROI, brand awareness and user engagement for our partners by reaching ONLY their most relevant and valuable audiences.

Data & Targeting

With access to over 70 third-party data sources and the application of client first-party data, we build powerful micro-targeted audience segments that are seamlessly reached cross-channel across multiple devices and make informed real-time inventory decisions that ensure no opportunity is missed.

Quality Inventory

Reach and scale are made possible through real-time bidding, private marketplace and direct deals that supply high volumes of top quality and brand-safe inventory across a variety of media types, channels, devices, and environments, from desktop to mobile to video and TV in over 150 countries.

Programmatic Strategy

Experienced programmatic specialists use their knowledge of the marketplace to leverage our robust suite of tools to create the right programmatic strategies. Whether generating e-commerce sales, mobile-driven in-store retail sales, or building brand awareness, we take guesswork out of the equation.

Cross-Channel Attribution

Cross-Channel Attribution uses advanced analytics to help our partners track their marketing and media efforts more accurately, and quantify the impact of each engagement across all their touch points, both online and offline.

Brand Safety & Viewability

Integrations with a host of specialized third party partners provide Pre-Bid and actionable Real-Time Data to ensure that all impressions are delivered in a highly viewable, brand-safe and fraud-free environment across relevant content.


Our best-in-class reporting capabilities offer a level of analytical granularity second-to-none. Robust, immersive reporting yields 100% transparent, actionable Real-Time Data that power our tireless optimization and opportunity mining efforts.

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